Best St Lucia Honeymoon - The Caribbean On Your Own Private Yacht

Best St Lucia Honeymoon: Being photographed is a couple standing in a gentle surf.The Best St Lucia Honeymoon

Whether you and your soul mate choose to marry at the county courthouse, in a reception hall or on a beach, there’s one thing every newlywed couple wants and that’s time alone on their honeymoon.  Ironically, many newlywed couples spend their honeymoons at all-inclusive resorts, aboard cruise ships or hotels surrounded by thousands of other travelers at the same popular destinations.  So much for being alone.  If you dream of the perfect romantic getaway, of simmering volcanoes, plunging waterfalls and endless stretches of secluded and virtually undiscovered white sandy beaches, then you dream of a honeymoon in St Lucia that lets you see the island at your own pace alone with your soul mate.  This is why more and more newlyweds are chartering Binti, a 43 foot Robinson and Caine catamaran for the best St Lucia honeymoon.

The best St Lucia honeymoon should include a good dose of adventure.  Why spend hours in the backseat of a taxi, weaving along narrow lanes and hairpin turns for a brief view of St Lucia’s famous twin peaks Petit Piton and Gros Piton when you could see them the way early explorers like Christopher Columbus did – from the water?  The best St Lucia honeymoon is one that lets you truly experience the beauty and vastness of Gros Piton and Petit Piton, two conical extinct volcanic vents.  The most photographed sight in the Caribbean, 1,500 meters of sheer rock rise up out of the sea, a view you’d never get from the backseat of a taxi!  Here Binti can anchor for as long as you want while you snorkel and dive at the base for breathtaking views of five finger corals 15 to 150 feet beneath the water’s surface.

The best St Lucia honeymoon also has you exploring the most beautiful places on the island like Soufrière Estate where Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife, Empress Josephine, walked as a child.  On Soufrière Estate you can follow paths throughout the St Lucia Botanical Gardens, home of the Diamond Waterfall.  When you get tired of walking you can relax in one of the therapeutic mud pools or take a ride through the Caribbean’s only drive through volcano.

Making your own schedule is an essential part of the best St Lucia honeymoon, with Binti anchoring at many of the island’s pristine white-sand beaches to the north like Rodney Bay or black sand beaches in the south.  Set a course for Pigeon Island, a 40-acre islet connected by a causeway on St Lucia’s west coast where you’ll see the ruins at Fort Rodney and spectacular views of the bay and neighboring island Martinique.  On the north side of the island, many honeymooning newlyweds aboard Binti also visit Marquis Estate, a working plantation just outside Castries.  Here you’ll have the opportunity to taste banana, copra, coffee and cocoa grown locally on the island.

The best St Lucia honeymoon also has you tasting some of St Lucia’s best Caribbean cuisine, with no reservations required and no waiting in line either.  What could be better than your own private sunset dinner cruise with Binti’s own Captain Joseph at the helm, serving his family’s recipes of callaloo soup, freshly caught seafood and other tantalizing Caribbean dishes?

You’ve waited a lifetime to marry your soul mate and your honeymoon should be as special as they are.  The best St Lucia honeymoon is a sea and land adventure that provides you with privacy and access to the island’s most breathtaking places.  Binti is your exclusive moving resort with you setting the itinerary and pace for the best St Lucia honeymoon. Satellite view of St Lucia.

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