Exploring the Grenadines on Binti – Bequia

Exploring the Grenadines will take you to this beautiful beach in Admiralty Bay, Bequia.Exploring the Grenadines on Binti – Bequia

Like many folks in the world, you’ve dreamed your whole life about exploring the Grenadines, convinced only the extremely wealthy can afford such pleasures because they either own the island and/or a luxury yacht that can take them there.  With most companies granting employees only two weeks of vacation time per year, the last thing you want to do is spend all your time and money on multiple flights as a means of exploring the Grenadines.  Consequently, you’ve settled for ordinary vacations at all-inclusive resorts or on cruise ships that take you to a variety of destinations but don’t give you enough time to truly experience them.  The trouble is you deserve better.  Exploring the Grenadines should be a memorable and life-changing experience with you setting the pace, anchoring wherever you want for as long as you want.  Binti Charters makes this possible.

There’s a big difference between exploring the Grenadines aboard a cruise ship and experiencing them aboard Binti.  In 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue do you think his Spanish investors would have been happy hearing about long buffet lines and nothing else when he came back home?  Of course not.  They wanted to hear about the coastlines, the beaches, the topography, the people and their culture, animals and foods unique to the islands.  And the only way to know the 32 islands and Cays that comprise this island nation is to sail and anchor along their coastlines the way Chris did, hiking their mountains, bathing on their beaches, snorkeling in their waters, mingling with the native peoples and eating local cuisine.

Exploring the Grenadines with Binti starts in Marigot Bay, St. Lucia.  Once you land, you’re done with the hassles of airports until it’s time to go home.  In fact, you won’t need to waste time riding in taxis to and from sightseeing spots and a resort because Binti is your traveling resort.  Your room is always with you and beaches, snorkeling and diving sites are right out your backdoor.

One island you don’t want to miss while exploring the Grenadines is Bequia.  In Bequia, Binti often anchors on the leeward side of the island at Princess Margaret Beach where Princess Margaret enjoyed a dip in 1958 on its lovely ribbon of golden sand.  All the beaches in Bequia are clean and uncrowded with some more secluded than others.  Bequia’s waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sailing, diving and all sorts of water sports.  Remember that secluded beach you thought only accessible by the extremely wealthy?  Well one such beach can be found at Hope Bay.   A long line of breakers from the Atlantic Ocean makes it ideal for body surfing and windsurfing.  With no hotels or bars nearby, it is a wonderful getaway.

But if you’re looking for a romantic and very secluded beach, Spring Bay is a bit further north where acres of tall palm trees, a working sugar plantation and hotel of Spring are located.  More beachcombing can be done at Lower Bay and Friendship Bay.  And in Port Elizabeth you’ll find a variety of local arts and crafts in boutiques and at artists’ studios around the island.  Bequians specialize in model boats, scrimshaw, woodcarving, stained glass, ceramics and crochet.

With Binti you can live out your dreams of exploring the Grenadines and avoid wasting time in lines at airports and buffets.  A beautiful chain of islands await your arrival.

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