Exploring the Grenadines on Binti – Canouan

Exploring the Grenadines can include kitesurfing, shown here.Exploring the Grenadines – Canouan

The most difficult decision you’ll ever make on a yacht charter with Binti is where to visit first, especially when exploring the Grenadines brings you one dazzling anchorage after another.  Half way down the Grenadines island chain you’ll find Canouan.  Surrounded by small bays and coves, secluded white-sand beaches and some of the Caribbean’s largest coral reefs, Canouan is an island where you’ll want to anchor when exploring the Grenadines.

While there are some private jets that fly in from the United States, most visitors to Canouan arrive from a direct international flight into Barbados or St. Lucia before taking a commuter plane to land on Canouan’s recently extended airstrip.  Unfortunately, this process takes up valuable vacation time and doesn’t allow you to discover Canouan at your own pace.  Sailing is the best method for exploring the Grenadines.  Aboard Binti you’ll experience the vastness of the Caribbean, horizon to horizon, a perspective rarely experienced on land.  From squalls to full displays of double and even triple rainbows with both ends in the water, exploring the Grenadines is more observable aboard Binti.  There’s nothing like exhilarating speed, spray and reefed sails, watching one set of islands fade into the distance while anticipating the discovery of the ones that approach.

As you approach Canouan you’ll see her turquoise waters, coral reefs, gorgeous power white sand beaches and secluded bays.  Canouan is home to one of the world’s largest living coral reefs in the Caribbean.  Bursting with brightly colored marine life, you may even see a turtle or two that lay their eggs on the island’s windward side certain times of the year.  From snorkeling to SCUBA and kayaking to windsurfing, the possibilities in Canouan are endless.  And there’s even more to do ashore.

You can also hike the rounded hills of lush terrain among flowering cactus.  Guides show you the Canouan’s beautiful flora and fauna while providing you with a history of the island.  There are undeveloped areas you can explore walking or biking on the northern end of the island.  Or perhaps you’d prefer to play 18 holes with stunning views on the 140-acres Jim Fazio designed golf course.

Some of the best views of the Caribbean are on Mount Royal, the highest point on Canouan at 900 feet.  A hike to the top offers panoramic 360-degree views of St. Vincent, the Grenadines and even St. Lucia on a clear day.  Another breathtaking view is on the southern section of Canouan on a ridge where you can see the ocean on both sides of the island.  Discover more of Canouan’s history north of Charlestown where you can hike another trail to the ruins of a small gun battery at the top of a conical hill.

Exploring the Grenadines with Binti lets you beachcomb Canouan’s most secluded, romantic and virtually undiscovered beaches too.  Accessible through the Canouan Resort or by sea, the beach by Mahault Bay is remote and ideal for romantic strolls.  And the fact that there are no changing, restroom or refreshment facilities is no problem when you have Binti as your traveling resort.  Your stateroom and refreshments are always with you.  What makes Canouan unique to other Grenadine islands are accessible beaches on the leeward and windward sides of the island.  Thanks to the coral reef on Canouan’s windward side, Atlantic waters aren’t as rough as they are on the other islands.  See volcanic rock formations on the beach at Windward Bay.  And two other windward coast beaches at Friendship Bay and Glossy Bay are absolutely idyllic.

If you’ve always dreamed of exploring the Grenadines, chartering Binti is the best way to discover the islands.  With line of sight sailing on gentle trade winds, Binti makes exploring the Grenadines an unforgettable experience. Satellite view of Canouan.

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