Exploring the Grenadines on Binti - Mayreau

Exploring the Grenadines: Picture of my friend in dinghy at Saltwhistle Bay, MayreauExploring the Grenadines on Binit – Mayreau

If you’re among the privileged few to visit Mayreau, you recognize the importance of slowing down on vacation, feeling the spirit of the Caribbean and experiencing the simple life that disappeared from your home town long ago.  No airstrip exists on Mayreau which means the island is only accessible by sea.  While you may opt for the ferry service when it comes to exploring the Grenadines, the journey time from St. Vincent is around 3 to 3 ½ hours.  After that you’ll spend more time checking into your resort and unpacking.  Before you know it, most of the day is lost.  This is why many visitors are choosing to charter Binti for exploring the Grenadines.

There’s no substitute for sailing the Caribbean’s gentle trade winds aboard your own private traveling resort.  Forget to grab your sunscreen?  No problem.  Your stateroom and all your personal belongings travel along with you and getting back onboard doesn’t require checking in with the crew either.  Exploring the Grenadines with Binti lets you see islands like Mayreau at your own pace.  Swim at the beach at Saline Bay in the morning.  Fish, snorkel or dive in the afternoon.

Of course the only way to explore Mayreau properly is on foot.  Between Saltwhistle Bay and Saline Bay is the island’s main road.  While you can walk the length of it in about an hour, there is a little climb up to the village (about 25 minutes) where close to 400 people live with just as many chickens, cows and goats.  Owned by the state, Old Wall Village has several small food stores, friendly bars, local restaurants, shopping and a small brick and stone church.  The Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception was built by a Benedictine monk in 1929 and sits at the top of Station Hill.  Here you’ll experience spectacular views of the Tobago Cays, Union Island and Canouan.

Old Wall village is mainly a fishing village and many of its residents earn their salaries from tourism with fishermen selling their catch of the day to the island’s hotels and restaurants.  One such hotel is Salt Whistle Bay Club, a 22-acre resort that occupies the entire northern end of the island.  Mayreau’s fishermen will offer yachtsmen their catch as well.  But you may prefer to catch some fish on your own.  Mayreau is an angler’s paradise with many fly fishermen bonefishing.  Captain Joseph is a pro at catching fish and preparing them for charterers, cooking up his family’s Caribbean recipes.  Exploring the Grenadines with Binti affords you a special moment like this.

After some fishing you’re back on the island for some more hiking.  Unique to other Grenadine islands, is Mayreau’s dry coastal forest of cacti, acacia and sage.  There are two trails that meander off from the main road that can take you there.  It’s best to take a guide with you and Binti’s Captain Joseph knows these trails as well as he knows the Caribbean waters.  Keep your eyes open for tortoises or iguanas you may see along the way.

Despite her small size, Mayreau has much to entertain, offering some of the best swimming, snorkeling and diving sailors see as they’re exploring the Grenadines.  Binti Charters takes you on a one of a kind sailing adventure, with Mayreau a favorite among charterers. Satellite view of Mayreau.

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