Exploring the Grenadines on Binti – Petit Martinique

Exploring the Grenadines: This is a picture taken beneath a woman snorkeling at the surfaceExploring the Grenadines on Binti – Petit Martinique

Despite the technological advances of the 20th and 21st centuries, there are still remote places in the world that are only reachable by boat.  For folks interested in exploring the Grenadines, this is part of what makes the islands so intriguing.  Imagine a vacation that allows you to anchor at private islands with virtually undiscovered beaches, staying for as long or as little as you like.  Sound like something only wealthy yachtsmen can do?  Not anymore.  With Binti Charters you don’t have to be a yachtsman to sail to the Grenadines and you don’t need to know how to sail either.  When it comes to exploring the Grenadines with Binti, all you need is a spirit of adventure.

One island charterers exploring the Grenadines shouldn’t miss is Petit Martinique.  The smallest island to make up the Tri-Island State of Grenada, Petit Martinique is a seafaring community where you can walk around the island in less than an hour.  But don’t let her small size fool you because this 586-acre paradise is packed with lots to see and do.

Once you’re anchored and ashore, one of the best ways for charterers exploring the Grenadines to get to know an island is by hiking.  Seventeenth century roads built by the French still crisscross the island and make marvelous walking trails with overreaching trees shading your path.  Great houses and outbuildings are all that remain from the era of cotton, sugar and indigo plantations established by the English in the 1700s and 1800s.  Petit Martinique is volcanic in origin which is why a 750-foot high mountain stands in the middle.  Energetic charterers exploring the Grenadines who hike to the top of this mountain are rewarded with a one of a kind view of Petit Martinique’s coastline, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and neighboring Grenadine islands.

Another stunning view for charterers exploring the Grenadines can be had on the island’s only beach on its northwest coast.  Ideal for swimming, or “bathing” as the locals like to call it, sunsets here are bar none, offering visitors one of the best views of the setting sun in the Caribbean.

Another sight to behold is under water.  Petit Martinique’s coastline offers charterers exploring the Grenadines the chance to snorkel and dive and see turtles, lobsters, and moray eels swimming among its forests of coral reefs and sponges.  Binti’s Captain Joseph knows the best spots to snorkel and dive as well as the most ideal places to spot majestic whales.  And he’s also an expert fisherman, helping anglers exploring the Grenadines to drop a line for catching snapper, grouper or other small fish.  And what makes exploring the Grenadines with Binti even better is your own private sunset dinner cruise with you dining on the day’s catch.  But you can also dine ashore, with many charterers exploring the Grenadines going to Petit Martinique’s Palm Beach Restaurant and Bar.  Here you can dine in secluded cabanas with panoramic views of the neighboring Grenadine Islands.  The Palm Beach Restaurant and Bar offers guests freshly caught fish, lobster, conch (lambi), tender BBQ ribs and chicken.  Famous for its lobster bisque, a creamy lobster soup, charterers exploring the Grenadines often come back for more.

Petit Martinique provides charterers exploring the Grenadines with much to entertain.  With its panoramic views of the Atlantic, Caribbean and neighboring Grenadines, snorkeling, swimming and fishing, Petit Martinique is the remote island destination charterers exploring the Grenadines have been yearning for. Satellite view of Petit Martinique.

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