Getting to the Grenadines on Binti - A Caribbean Adventure

Getting to the Grenadines takes you to Union Island, viewed here from a hill top.Getting to the Grenadines on Binti

Despite advances in modern travel, getting to the Grenadines today is challenging.   With limited flight schedules to main points of entry like St. Lucia and St. Vincent and an absence of direct flights to the Grenadines from outside the Caribbean many settle on one island for their stay.  While some will land in Barbados, St. Lucia or St. Vincent before taking inter-island flights to one or several of the Grenadines, others will take water taxis from one island to the next, still at the mercy of limiting schedules and a time-consuming process.  Unfortunately, this is why so many visitors to the Caribbean miss, even skip, the opportunity to explore the Grenadines.  But more travelers are discovering the best way to explore this fantastic chain of islands is the way the locals do, with line of sight sailing on the Caribbean’s stunning turquoise water with Binti, a 43-foot luxury Robinson and Caine catamaran.  Getting to the Grenadines with Binti means you won’t have to waste valuable vacation time waiting in line at airports or for water taxis or ferries to travel from one island to the next.

Encompassing 32 islands and Cays, the Grenadines stretch south from St. Vincent to Grenada.  Nine are populated, only six have airports and the rest are either bird sanctuaries or retreats for those who prefer peace and quiet.  With Binti, getting to the Grenadines is the perfect way to enjoy stress-free sailing over short distances in gentle trade winds.  Binti lets you choose your route as you make your way around the islands.  Linger all day at Wallilabou Bay in St. Vincent where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.  The largest island in the Grenadines, St. Vincent is home to the capital, Kingstown, a lively town with locals rushing about on its cobblestone streets, reminiscent of colonial times.

The rest of the islands in the Grenadines have their own flavor of tranquility.  Uncluttered by tourist exploitation, endless white sand beaches with sky-blue water gently lapping the shores await you.  Getting to the Grenadines with Binti means beachcombing secluded beaches like Tony Gibbons Beach (a.k.a. Princess Margaret Beach) in Admiralty Bay on the island of Bequia.  Getting ashore is easy by dinghy especially with Binti’s sugar scooped stern.  Another long stretch of fine sand on Bequia is the beach in Lower Bay with several inexpensive spots to have lunch.

The Tobago Cays offer more breathtaking beaches and some of the best snorkeling in the world.  A snorkeler’s dream come true, shallow depths and crystal water let novice and advanced snorkelers enjoy the underwater splendor of the coral reefs.  Nearby, the islands of Canouan and Mustique also have stunning long beaches for sunbathing, swimming or shell collecting.  It’s fun to wander on Mustique and see some of the large homes owned by very wealthy individuals from all over the world while Canouan is known for the expensive resort Donald Trump built and a recently expanded airport that can serve small planes.  While many are tempted to skip exploring the island of Mayreau, to do so would be a mistake.  Fortunately, getting to the Grenadines with Binti means you have the time to do it.  Lying along the lee side of Mayreau near the southern end is Saline Bay where several sailboats usually anchor, and occasionally a cruise ship too, ferrying passengers to the beach, a long strand of pristine white sand.  Getting to the Grenadines with Binti also lets you sail as far south as Union Island where you can anchor along the northern shore of Chatham Bay, a great spot for snorkeling and fishing.

The Grenadines have enchanted sailors for centuries and still do today.  Getting to the Grenadines with Binti lets you explore the islands at your own pace while experiencing the vastness and beauty of exquisite shorelines. Satellite view of Chatham Bay.

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