St Lucia Adventures Are Best With Binti Charters

St Lucia Adventures on Binti

St Lucia adventures can include this view of Soufriere.When it comes to St Lucia adventures savvy travelers make Binti, a 43-foot Robinson and Caine catamaran, their home base.  St Lucia adventures mean sailing to virtually undiscovered beaches and sightseeing destinations for a more intimate island experience.  Christopher Columbus didn’t sail halfway across the world just to catch a glimpse of the Caribbean and neither should you.  By making Binti your home base for your St Lucia adventures you don’t have to settle for touring the island from the back seat of a taxi on twisting roads with lots of hundred-meter drop-offs and few guardrails.  Make Binti your home base and you can anchor at any of your favorite spots for as long or as little as you like.

St Lucia adventures begin at Marigot Bay.  With convenient direct airlift from the US and UK as well as facilities for landing private jets, nearby Marigot Bay is a favorite pick-up and drop off point for yacht charters and charterers alike and the perfect gateway for exploring the rest of St Lucia, the Grenadines, Tobago, Grenada and other southern Caribbean islands.  Marigot Bay stays busy and vibrant all year long and it’s easy to see why it’s considered the eastern Caribbean’s safest and most attractive hurricane hole.  With so many restaurants, shops, boutiques, a French bakery, supermarket, bank and the new luxury Discovery at Marigot Bay Resort and Spa, there’s something for nearly everyone.  James Michener called Marigot Bay “the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean” and while you may want to linger, more St Lucia adventures are in store in Castries.

Binti can dock at Castries.  Take a tour of the city or take advantage of duty free shopping and when you’re ready Binti can sail north to Pigeon Island, a 40-acre islet connected by a causeway to St Lucia’s west coast.  This St Lucia adventure lets you explore the ruins at Fort Rodney where you’re rewarded with spectacular views of the bay and Martinique in the distance.  Of course all St Lucia adventures have down time and with Binti as your own exclusive moving resort a private sunset cruise happens every night.  Binti’s Captain Joseph prepares fresh seafood, callaloo soup and other Caribbean dishes, sharing his family recipes with charterers.  Beautiful beaches, hotels, a big mall and St Lucia’s only casino make Castries a port you won’t want to miss.

An essential St Lucia adventure is experiencing Gros Piton and Petit Piton.  Anchoring in Soufrière you’ll understand why Queen Elizabeth II landed here for her visit to St Lucia in 1966.  Just south of Soufrière you’ll see Gros Piton and Petit Piton, two conical extinct volcanic vents.  With Binti you can experience their vastness and beauty just like the Queen did, from the water.  Snorkel and dive at their base with breathtaking views of five finger corals located 15 to 150 feet under the water.  It’s as simple as jumping from Binti’s sugar scooped stern.  Ashore hot springs and fumaroles await your arrival at the island’s drive-through volcano.  At Soufrière Estate you’ll see Diamond Falls as you walk along the paths of St Lucia’s oldest botanical gardens.  Hike the trails throughout St Lucia’s rainforest and be rewarded with spectacular views, abundant wildlife and more waterfalls.

St Lucia adventures with Binti let you explore the island on your schedule.  From Marigot Bay to Castries, Soufrière and many destinations in between, Binti is the best way to experience all the beauty St Lucia has to offer. Satellite view of Castries Harbor and one of two airports in St Lucia

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